Tool Dethrones Taylor Swift from Billboard Charts

Tool Dethrones Taylor Swift from Billboard Charts

Fear Inoculum the new album from rock band Tool dethroned Taylor Swift’s Lover from the top of the Billboard 200 Chart. Last week, the rock band finally released their highly anticipated album after a thirteen-year lapse. Despite not releasing songs for more than a decade, the Tool faithful came in droves to bring the new album straight to the top. Notably, Fear Inoculum sold more than 270,000 copies during its first week. Thus earning top honors in the said chart.

Evidently, the surprise beating prompted Taylor Swift fans, otherwise known as Swifties to ask: “Who is Tool?”. Apparently, Swift’s album had only been on top for a full week before Tool came in and swept the competition under the rug.

Notably, the band doesn’t figure as much in a pop culture that’s dominated by the likes of Swift, Ariana Grande, and Beyonce. However, for the rock music faithful, Tool lords over pretty much everyone else. And this beating shows the strong following of the band.

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Tool has finally re-tooled

In particular, this year’s chart-topping sell out already figures as the band’s third top-selling album. Subsequently, the band first earned chart-topping honors with the release of their 2001 album Lateralus. Likewise, the band would again top the charts with their 2006 release 10,000 Days.

Additionally, the entire discography of the band surged in terms of the number of streams and listens over the past couple of weeks. Notably, the band finally gave a go signal to their publishers to have all their songs and albums uploaded in digital streaming platforms and other technology-based players. Apparently, the band did not want to upload their discography online. Hence, when they did, fans went wild (again).

As expected, the band sets out for the North American tour that would start this month. So make sure to check out the tour dates and ticket prices and pull out your old Tool shirts!


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