Tiny Critters Make Ocean “Snot Palaces”

Tiny Critters Make Ocean “Snot Palaces”

Tiny Critters Make Ocean “Snot Palaces”
Photo: Huffington Post

Scientists discovered critters as master builders of “snot palaces” in the ocean, according to a report.

The tadpole-looking critters called giant larvaceans can construct a complex five-story house. These can protect them from predators and funnels and filters food for them.

In early June this year, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute released a video showing the structure of the “snot palaces” in the ocean.

Tiny Critters Make Ocean “Snot Palaces”
Photo: Fox 10 Phoenix

The mucus from four-inch long critters can create complex structures up to three feet wide.

Report says the mucus comes out of the critter’s head, then blows up like a balloon into a full structure. The palaces feature two heart-like chambers which are made almost entirely out of water.

What is surprising is that these critters do this every day.

Kakani Katija, a bioengineer at the Institute, said these “snot palaces” could possibly help human construction if scientists further study the mucus architectural code of the critters.

Whenever the critters abandon their homes, the creatures drop millions of tons of carbon to the seafloor. This prevents global warming, scientists said.

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Further, the other wastes from their abandoned houses eaten by the ocean’s bottom dwellers.

Scientists opt to replicate the snot palaces in the future that can help create innovations in building structures.


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