This Capsule Tower is Like a Futuristic Prison

This Capsule Tower is Like a Futuristic Prison

There are many interesting places that are in movies and television shows that take place in the future.

Many of the “future” civilizations we see on screen are either based on the past or present. But there is this capsule tower in Japan that looks like from the future.

capsule tower

However, this building was built more than 40 years ago, and its story is totally amazing.

The Nakagin Capsule Tower is sort of a sci-fi futuristic prison, but it’s an apartment and office building in Tokyo, Japan. It was designed by Kisho Kurokawa and was only built in just 30 days in 1972.

Each box or capsule is a single apartment. However, in 2012, only 30 of the 140 capsules were being used for their original purpose. The rest of the capsules are office space or storage.

capsule room

The building is now falling apart but it is the world’s first example of capsule architecture built for permanent and practical use.

It’s also one of the only remaining examples of Japanese Metabolism which is an artistic crusade that began after World War II.

apartment building

Due to the condition of the capsule tower, people are asking for the unique building to be demolished over the past 10 years.

Despite the call to demolish the building, some people are still trying to save it due to its historical worth.

futuristic prison

As of 2017, the capsules can still be rented, but there’s a long waiting list to get in. Though several would really like to see it replaced, its mystery lives on.

We believe that this would be good to see in real life. How about you, what do you think of this building? Share this with your friends and plan for a trip to Japan to see this historical site.


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