The US Troops Are Ready to Defend Saudi Arabia

The US Troops Are Ready to Defend Saudi Arabia

With the recent attack in Saudi Arabia two weeks ago, the US troops are now ready to back up their ally.

President Trump announced this last Friday that he will send his troops to Saudi to help defend the region.

“Our President has already approved the deployment of the military forces of the country to the Middle East. These troops will be on their defensive stance and primarily centered on air and missile defense,”

U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said at a news conference last Friday.

We all know that some US officials are blaming Iran for the attacks on the oil facilities of Saudi even though the Houthis rebel already claimed the attack.

Moreover, these rebels are saying that there will be more to come.

That’s why the United States wanted to help their ally, Saudi Arabia, when it comes to strengthening their defense.

But this doesn’t mean that the US is seeking conflict with Iran. They just wanted to defend the region from any incidents.

“Just as our president has clarified, the United States does not pursue a dispute with Iran,” Esper said.

“But for the worst-case scenario, we have other military options that are readily available.’

US Troops
US Military Truck

The statements of the US government are loud and clear. They are just in Saudi to help a friend, but if anything goes wrong, they are always ready.

However, we hope that this dispute in the Middle East will not get worse. We believe that any conflicts can be solved in a polite manner.


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