The US to Commemorate 18th Year since 9/11

The US to Commemorate 18th Year since 9/11

The US Government plans to hold multiple commemoration events throughout the nation this week. This year marks the 18th year since the fateful and tragic event that befell the nation on September 11, 2001.

In looking back, the nation remembers how more than 3,000 lives ended in a tragic attack by terrorists. Apparently, the calculated attacks have long been planned as different civilian passenger planes were hijacked to target important districts across the American east coast.

During that fateful morning, two planes crashed the World Trade Center building in New York City. A few moments later, another plane crashed the Pentagon in Washington DC. Additionally, a fourth plane bound to hit another location in the US force crashed in Philadelphia as passengers fought back after learning about the planned attacks.

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As a result of these attacks, the US Government launched an all-out war against Al-Qaeda, a terrorist group operating in the Middle East. Apparently, Al-Qaeda’s leader Osama Bin Laden claimed the responsibility for the American attacks. Unfortunately, these attacks lasted for more than a decade and caused hundreds of thousands of innocent casualties. Ultimately, during a secret mission, the American military killed the terrorist leader while hiding in Pakistan in 2011.

US Memorial to start at Ground Zero

According to reports, the intimate memorial will begin at the 9/11 Museum and Memorial site in New York. However, the memorial event would only allow the relatives of those who died inside the complex. Although, the traditional public ceremony with the Tribute in Light show would be open to the public towards the end of the day. Additionally, the Memorial Plaza will be open to the public from 3PM to 12MN.

In addition to the public commemoration, other New York establishments would also take part in commemorating the said event. You may view the list of events here.


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