The US Navy Confirms the 3 UFO videos on the Internet

The US Navy Confirms the 3 UFO videos on the Internet

Surprisingly for the first time, the US government, particularly the Navy confirms that the 3 videos on the Internet are real and still “unidentified” objects until today.

Moreover, the UFO videos are released by the former Blink-148 singer Tom DeLonge and published by The New York Times.

US Navy confirms UFO
Imaginary illustration of Spaceship via Pixabay

“The US Navy believes that the object in the videos is real but it’s just an unidentified aerial phenomenon,”

Navy spokesman Joseph Gradisher told The Black Vault, declassified government documents website.

Apparently, the unidentified object in the videos is reported by the aviators while they are training.

The US Navy said that this is just normal for them and the videos that the public has seen are just a fraction of what they see in their training.

Here are the three videos that we’re talking about:

However, the US Navy wanted to clarify that even though they are confirming these unidentified aerial phenomena, it doesn’t mean that they are also confirming the existence of alien life.

The reason why they are publicizing this matter is because of the possibility of these unidentified objects to be a security threat to the United States.

Certainly, these objects are not authorized to fly in their airspace.


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