The United Kingdom is the First Country to Declare Climate Crisis

The United Kingdom is the First Country to Declare Climate Crisis

The United Kingdom is the first country to formally declare a climate crisis. We hope that this will be the start of a global movement to stop Global Warming and preserve Earth for future generations.

“You can’t resolve a crisis without treating it as an emergency”

This is the statement that the young activist Greta Thunbergsaid when the UK Parliament declared an ecological and environmental emergency on May 1.

the United Kingdom declares climate crisis

One of the reasons why the United Kingdom made that bold declaration is because of the opposition called the Labor Party. 

Jeremy Corbyn, their leader, offered a motion to ask the House of Commons to announce a climate crisis because this is an urgent issue.

According to the latest report of IPCC, we still have 10 years to prevent or lessen the effects of climate change.

polar bear and ice melting

“We have no time to waste. We are living in a climate crisis that will be extremely dangerous except we take speedy action now,” Corbyn stated while presenting the motion.

His proposal passed the House of Commons without any opposition.

The Parliament government of the UK has established preparedness to stand organized and fight to prevent the major danger of our times.

What is a Climate Crisis?

A climate crisis is a totally new term and notion. It can only be declared by an authority like the government. But there are no universal procedures on how this declaration should be applied concretely.

the United Kingdom declared climate crisis

We all have heard about the state of calamity is declared when a country requires special powers to face dangerous threats like natural disasters, civil disorder, and unsteadiness.

However, the focus of this climate crisis is the environmental scope and all events related to it. Even though there’s no pure description of climate emergency or crisis, environmentalists have made one for themselves.

flooding because of climate change

They said that climate emergency is the time when “all people are working in the direction of carbon neutrality in reply to the approaching climate catastrophe.

We hope that this will be a wakeup call to other nations to declare the same state of emergency that will help save and preserve our planet.

protest in the United Kingdom

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