The Secret for Everlasting Love and Marriage Has Gone Viral

The Secret for Everlasting Love and Marriage Has Gone Viral

A couple just celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary and they are still going strong. What’s the secret for everlasting love and marriage of this couple? Let’s look at their loves story.

In a time when almost half of the marriages ended in divorce. That’s why managing to reach the 60-year wedding anniversary is something to celebrate.

60th wedding anniversary
Abigail Gingerale Photography

That’s what the photographer Abigail Lydick and her family thought when they organized a sweet anniversary wedding shoot for her grandparents, Ginger and George Brown.

The couple has been married for six decades and their love just grow deeper for each other. Lydick shared Ginger and George’s love story with Upworthy, and it’s as adorable as their photographs.

The Secret Love Story

It all began with a series of chance meetings. Ginger and George first met in a restaurant booth in 1958, where they’d been seated together by coincidence. They barely spoke to one another that day.

A couple of months later, they saw each other at a stoplight, where George honked at Ginger and waved. She recognized him from the restaurant, and his smile lingered in her mind.

The third time they met, Ginger’s brother introduced her to George at the county fair because they are classmates.

the secret to everlasting marriage
Abigail Gingerale Photography

A week later, Ginger came home from a date to find George in her family’s living room, hanging out with her brother and his wife.

They all went out to a late-night dinner together, and from then on the two were hooked.

On June 6, 1959, a year and four days after their first meeting in the restaurant booth, Ginger and George were married. Sixty years later, they’re still enjoying life together with their 4 kids, 18 grandkids, and 19 great-grandkids.

The 60th Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot

The whole family chipped in to fly the sweet lovers up to New Jersey from their home in South Carolina for a special surprise photoshoot with Abigail Gingerale Photography, which Lydick runs with her husband, Andy.

The Facebook post of the photoshoot has gone viral, and it’s not hard to see why when you see the love pouring out of these pictures.

wedding photoshoot

“Grandmom was more nervous than anyone,” adds Lydick. “She had never gotten any kind of professional hair and makeup was done let alone fancy pictures, so we had to reassure her that she was going to rock this thing!

With Ginger dressed in a bridal gown and George dressed in a sharp gray suit, the happy couple looks as if they could’ve just gotten married. Check out this “first look” photo. So dang sweet.

photoshoot preparation
Abigail Gingerale Photography

During the shoot, Lydick asked her grandparents if they had any marriage advice for young couples. In addition to the fact that they kiss once a day or more here’s what they said:

  1. Don’t go to bed angry.
  2. Be prepared to forgive, always, because you just must do it.
  3. Maintain a good sense of humor.

Is there anything better than living proof that lasting love is really possible? Congratulations to the happy couple!


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