The Safest Way for Your Kids To Access the Internet

The Safest Way for Your Kids To Access the Internet

Each parent wanted their kids to listen to songs and watch videos in the safest way possible. Fortunately, there’s a new product in the market called Birde which makes the wish of the parents possible.

the safest way to access content in the Internet

Birde is a (you can choose from blue or purple) portable smart speakers that allow the kids to safely access music, children’s podcasts and their favorite videos by themselves.

The founders of Birde is an Australian couple Daniel and Leah Corkin. The main reason why they make this is because of the risk of getting inappropriate content for the kids.

Especially three children who are always using smart devices such as tablets and smartphones.

kids playing tablet

The speaker must link to the Wi-Fi, but the kids will still have no straight access to the internet.

For them to be able to play the music or video, the child needs small tokens called “Birde Seeds”. The child will just tap the Seed on the Birde speaker, and it will start to play.

The parents can also link the Birde speaker to their smart TV to watch a video to it. In fact, the Birde TV apps are already available for Samsung and LG TVs.

Moreover, the app is available as well on Amazon Fire and Android TV. It can also be streamed to the TV via the Birde app on your smartphone.

The Safest Way to Access Hundreds of Educational Content

All the content in the Birde speaker is made for kids and it is manageable with the companion app.

The educational content includes ABC Kids, Play School’s 50 best songs, Nickelodeon, The Muddleheaded Wombat audiobook, and many more helpful contents for the children.

Each Birde Seed contains one content and it is a hexagonal soft token that must be tap with the speaker console to start playing the content.

With that being said, we can see that the parents are in charge of the music or video that their kid will be enjoying. The parents can also use tokens as a prize for being a good child or if they eat their vegetables.

 “We desire for our kids to enjoy appropriate music, videos and audiobooks according to their age which makes Birde kid-friendly and safe.” said parent and co-founder Leah Corkin.

The Birde speaker system can be charged wirelessly with the charging dock which is included. The speaker is also totally waterproof.

The price of Birde is at $299 and it is available to their Birde website and other toy stores. Moreover, the Birde Seeds price is $11.95 and are exclusively available from the company’s website.

If you want your kids to have the safest way of accessing educational and entertaining content, you might want to consider this product. This is a great product that parents must-have for their children.


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