The Pop Culture of the Old School Generation

The Pop Culture of the Old School Generation

Old School is a term for the things, music, events, movies, trends that have happened in the past decades. That’s we can say that it is the Pop Culture of the past.

Everything that is trending at that time is the pop culture of that generation. As for the next generation, they will call it an old school.

For example, two decades ago, people love to listen to their favorite music to the Compact Discs (CDs) with our Discman or our home stereo. We don’t have online audio streaming like Spotify at that time.


That’s why if you want the latest music, we have to buy it or borrow it from a friend so that we can listen to it.

We also have a song hits magazine wherein the lyrics of the latest songs are listed and also the guitar chords of that song.

Back then, If you have a song hits magazine, you are famous because you are following the trends, or we can say the pop culture of that time.

But those days are gone, and the kids today will call it “Old School” because they have a new pop culture that they are following.

The generation today have their social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), online audio and video streaming (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, Disney+, Netflix, etc.) and other trending things and events.

next generation

It’s funny to think that before, we are the one labeling the era of our parents as the “Old School”. But now, we are the ones who are being called that way.

Well, that’s the reality of pop culture, it will change from time to time as it evolves from the needs and wants of the current society.


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