The new iPhone 11 might be released this September

The new iPhone 11 might be released this September

The new iPhone 11 might be released this September, according to reports. This leak follows the Apple tradition of releasing new products in September. Despite the poor sales performance of its predecessor, signs have shown that Apple’s new product is now ready.

According to leaked reports, the new line of products would have three variants – iPhone 11, iPhone 11R, and iPhone 11 Max. Its major faculty is that they would have “new shatter-resistance technology” that would secure the phone better should they get dropped by the user. An apparent swipe towards the bending challenge. In addition, it is rumored that the iPhone 11 devices would feature Pro branding. That is the inclusion of a professional level of the camera lens. Most camera phones in the market have lenses of 12-16 megapixels. Rumors that surround the product reveals that the phone’s trigger capacity would range above 20 megapixels. Definitely, this is an upgrade for the line as competitors Huawei and Vivo have already released phones with high resolutions in the past.

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How much is the new iPhone?

Apple has been known to put a hefty price tag on their products and services. In addition, both enhancements and stock tools that ought to be included are likewise sold separately. This, in turn, has yielded a lot of complaints and frustrations on the part of their target market. According to leaks, the iPhone

Apple is currently in a downward trend in terms of sales. Last year, the company earnings went down to 12% during the third fiscal quarter. Apparently, users have been trading in their iPhones for Android smartphones. Simultaneously, Samsung and Huawei sales are steadily going up. With this, Apple must ensure that the iPhone 11 would show great upgrades from the X line.

Fortunately for them, any upgrade on to the 11 line would already make it better since the iPhone X was immediately phased out due to poor reviews and sales.


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