The Negative Effect of Retirement to People

The Negative Effect of Retirement to People

Most people look forward to the day of their retirement. They have spent their whole life working and business.


However, people on their retirement can’t just sit around and sleep because it has a negative effect on them.

There’s a recent study about retirement and it shows that it can have a remarkable impact on our brain.

retirement has negative effects?

A study at University College London found that old people are having a deterioration in mental function when they retired.

The short-term verbal memory fell about 38 percent faster when they stopped working based on the conducted research on their participants.

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Professor Cary Cooper, an expert in organizational psychology said that “We know the more cognitively active you are the further it counteracts the probability of dementia.” He continued,

“I’m not speaking about doing Sudoku but doing somewhat different from your job – if you worked in the civil service all your lifespan,

why not go and assist in a hospital or teach? The most crucial thing is to relate to individuals.”

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Basically, performing interesting activities and cooperating with others is one of the only methods to stay mentally healthy even after retirement.

Therefore, if you are a retiree or know someone, encourage them to be still active in social activities and doing simple yet active tasks.

retirement is good and bad

By doing so, it will lessen the negative effects of retirement which is mental decline.

Share this story with your friends and family who are about to retire so that they will know what to do.


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