The Mystery of Collective Consciousness in Humans

The Mystery of Collective Consciousness in Humans

The human mind still has so many mysteries that we need to solve. One of those mysteries is the collective consciousness which humans do but they are not even aware of it.

We, humans, work together under the same goal in mind. In layman’s term, we became a mob that works and thinks together without someone instructing us.

One of the best of this collective mind in human history is the 1986 EDSA revolution that the Filipinos proudly did.

collective consciousness of people power
1986 EDSA People Power | Rappler

The main purpose of this movement is to put democracy back in their country and many Filipinos joined without someone telling them.

The death of the late Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. ignited the hearts of the Filipinos to make their stand against the current government in their time and the rest is history.

This is the greatest example of collective consciousness that we could ever think of.

The human minds unconsciously connected with each other to fulfill a certain goal and many experts are having a hard time to explain this phenomenon.

But does Collective Consciousness still exist today?

collective consciousness of humans

Nowadays, we believe that collective consciousness still exists in this digital age.

We are now living in an age wherein everyone is now connected virtually. Therefore, it’s easier to ignite a collective consciousness.

With all the information available, people are now easy to form a mob that will have the same goal.

But the number of people will be smaller because of the information we have. Many people will form many groups that have a different perspective.

That’s why we can conclude that Collective Consciousness still exists in this digital age and will always exist in the upcoming age to come.


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