The Love Story of a Local Celebrity Goose in New Zealand

The Love Story of a Local Celebrity Goose in New Zealand

There are some stories that fascinates us for their absolute strange awesomeness. The people of New Zealand has a story just like that. It is the love story of a local celebrity goose named Thomas who lived until the age of 42.  

the love story of a local celebrity goose
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Before his death he was famous. It’s not because he was old but because he lived and loved differently. Thomas was blind and bisexual.

Thomas have fallen in love with Henry, a black swan. They spent 24 years together. However, another black swan, Henrietta, showed up and Thomas also stayed with the couple.

Together, they raised 68 cygnets for six years, and that’s when he became a local interest for birdwatchers.

the love story of goose and swan
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In 2009, Henry died and Henrietta flew off to be with another swan, leaving Thomas alone. Sadly, his own children were stolen by a goose named George.

Thomas was taken to the Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust to live out his last years as his health weakened.

bird rehabilitation center

Spending his last days with other blind birds until He died. Thomas was buried near Henry in the place where they raised their children together.

Love Wins! It just goes to show that some love story whether between a birdwatcher and a bird or a goose and a swan if they are meant to be, it is meant to be.


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