The Life-Changing Effect of Kindness

The Life-Changing Effect of Kindness

Being kind to a person takes little effort. However, the life-changing effect of it is amazing.

Sometimes smiling to a stranger can bring joy to someone and make their day beautiful or receiving a friendly quick phone call is helpful for someone who’s having a hard time in life.

the life-changing effect of smiling

If you’ve ever experienced an act of kindness from someone, you know that even the smallest things can make a difference.

There are different acts of kindness that people do. That’s why we wanted to share a story to show the life-changing effect of kindness and why it is important to pay it forward.

The Life-Changing Story of an Employer and Employee

Carol Gee shared her story when his husband got hospitalized and no one was with her in that tough time. But to her surprise, her employer came and stay with her throughout the process. Let’s read her story.

“I had been on my job as a university administrator for roughly six months when my husband suffered his first heart attack.

Newly relocated with no family in the area, I was frightened. I felt really alone as I sat with the families in the waiting room,” explains Carol Gee.

hospital waiting room

“Suddenly, I looked up to see my supervisor, a physician, entering the waiting room and heading my way. We waited for the doctor together. Sometimes she’d hold my hand.

When the doctor came out to talk about my husband’s procedure and diagnosis, she was able to explain a lot of the medical terms and ask the doctor questions I didn’t know to ask.”

“That day, our relationship slowly changed from employer to employee to family. Her kindness made me feel less afraid and alone. And it taught me to pay that same kindness forward.”

the life changing effect of kindness

The friendship that grew out of that event, Carol explains, has flourished for more than a decade. And it all started with a tiny act of compassion when Carol needed it most.

We all have the capacity to make someone’s life change even just a bit. Let’s never miss an opportunity to give kindness to people and you will see personally the life-changing effect of it.


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