The Koalas in Australia are Close to Become Extinct

The Koalas in Australia are Close to Become Extinct

The Australian Koala Foundation has stated that there are only 80,000 koalas in the wild. The species seems to be extinct in the very near future.

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Kangaroos and koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) are Australian most iconic animals. However, these animals could vanish and will leave a void in the wilderness of Australia and in the hearts of the world.

The alarm has been elevated by the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) which is an organization dedicated to the conservation of koalas.

Is This The Fall of Koalas?

The discoveries of AFK proved that the population of koalas are too low to assure the existence of future generations. In 2010, the organization began to check 128 areas in which koalas have historically been present.


Sadly, these animals have vanished from 41 areas. The estimation of the AFK is expressively lesser than the ones from former studies.

For example, researchers suggested in 2016 that there were roughly 330,000 koalas living in Australia.

However, determining the precise number is very tough, but what is accurate is that the species is indeed in misery. There are only 1% of the original population remaining.


Since May 2012, koalas are at-risk species in Queensland, New South Wales and the Capital Territory of Australia.

Why Are They Vanishing?

These species have settled in Australia for about 30 million years ago and they are mainly anthropogenic.

soon to be extinct animal?

In the past, koalas are hunted for their furs, while today they are losing their homes because of deforestation.

The rise in temperatures from Global Warming is causing drought to last longer which can also lead to wildfires and epidemic crisis.

There’s Still Hope for the Koalas

The demolition of eucalyptus forests is the main threat that the koalas are facing. These forests are their habitat and it would easily extinct these animals if they are destroyed.

climbing on tree

 Scientists agree to that statement and they claim that it’s vital to protect the remaining jungles and produce new ones by planting trees in big areas.

Political will is the key to accomplish this. “For years we’ve been requesting governments to aid us in the fight to preserve the pride of Australia”, says Deborah Tabart, President of the AKF

However, most politicians have postponed their promises and makeup reasons. The most ridiculous thing is that we have a rule that permits establishments to destroy the habitat of these animals.

If the government of Australia and other world leaders will unite to stop the extinction, we believe that we can do it. Let’s all hope and pray that these politicians will take this seriously.

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