The iTunes We Loved Evolved To 3 New Apple Products

The iTunes We Loved Evolved To 3 New Apple Products

The popular app that we love called iTunes has now evolved into three new apps – Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts. It enables users to have a clearer and easier way of looking at the content they want.

iTunes evolved to apple music

In almost two decades, iTunes is the application where Apple put its new features and content types. However, Apple believed that it was time for it to evolve rather than execute iTunes into the new three pillars.

“The evolution of iTunes from something that becomes a little too awkward and out of hand tool into more discrete areas which are aligned with Apple’s business and Apple’s ability to generate money from services,”

Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight, told Tech Guide.

“iTunes just became this giant confusion of lots of different things.”

“Clarity around music video and podcasts should be a lot easier for customers using the iPhone.”

The macOS Catalina remains Apple’s practice of naming its Mac software after a Californian landmark. Before, the macOS had Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, and Mojave.

The new operating system of Apple is now available last July as a public beta before it will be releasing officially later this year.

Features of macOS Catalina

There are new features with the new operating system including Sidecar which enable users to use their iPad to be the second display of their Mac.

It means that people can increase their screen space and spread out their work.

macOS Catalina

The sidecar can also have screen mirroring ability and use the Apple Pencil functionality to the Mac which allows users to draw and sketch.

Another key new feature for the new macOS Catalina is the voice control ability. It allows users with physical disabilities to use their Mac and its apps by just using their voice.

It is now possible for them to open files, scroll in websites and documents, open and write emails, add links and many more by simply using their voice.


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