The Hmong Community in Fresno: Backyard Shooting

The Hmong Community in Fresno: Backyard Shooting

The story continues on Sunday football shooting in Fresno, California. The Hmong community is mourning after the mass shooting on Sunday that killed 4 men.

Hmong Community

The victims were all part of the Hmong. They are refugees from Laos that aided the United States during the Vietnam war.

The United States promised to help the Hmong because of their loyalty. The first group of refugees landed in Minnesota in the 1970s and 1980s.

The last group of refugees moved to Fresno about 20 years ago. This was according to Miguel Arias, a Fresno city council member who helped the resettlement of the group during his time as a legislative assistant for the US House of Representatives.

Now Fresno is now home to the second-largest Hmong in the United States. Second only to Minneapolis.

The Hmong community shooting
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Attack was targetted, Police believed

Police are investigating the shooting which occurred at around 8 pm on Sunday. Arias describes the neighborhood as the “heart of the community”,

According to the police, they believe that the shooting was not random. The shooters were targeting someone at the residence who had been involved in a disturbance earlier this week. This was said by Fresno Police Chief Andrew Hall.

The community is still in shock and police are still investigating.


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