The Fans Are the Real Producers of Films

The Fans Are the Real Producers of Films

The fans of a certain film or actor/actress are the most essential and the most dominant group in the film industry whether it is local or in Hollywood.


They are the ones who can dictate the direction of their favorite film. These fans are also the ones who can give a new break for the film or they can also be the cause of the end of it.

That’s why filmmakers much appreciate their comments and suggestions. Some people are calling them the real producers of films.

One example of this is the Star Wars Franchise. Some fans made a fandom website in which you can review the famous confusing timeline of the movie.

The 3 trilogies of Star Wars prove the support of the fans from the old generation (original trilogy and prequel trilogy) and the new ones produced by the new generation of Star Wars (sequel trilogy).

darth vader star wars
Darth Vader from the Original And Prequel Trilogy of Star Wars

Even though there are critics that don’t like the sequel trilogy, still the fans are supporting it and defending the franchise.

Due to the success of Star Wars, fans across the world are earning money by selling Star Wars merchandise including the famous toy companies.

Different famous films like Star Wars are now becoming a worldwide pop culture because of their fandom.

the crowd of fans

Without them, their movies will not be a hit and will not continue to earn support from the audience.

That’s why it is safe to say that fans are indeed the real producers of the movies that we have today.


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