The Different Walls in Life That We Have to Conquer

The Different Walls in Life That We Have to Conquer

In life, there are a lot of things that we must conquer for us to move forward. People are sometimes calling it the “Walls in Life” which symbolizes our problems and unbelief in ourselves.

These different walls in life are hard to conquer. We feel like that this is a problem that is impossible to be solved.

walls in life

Moreover, it seems like there’s no hope for the future. That’s why depression and anxiety will start to affect you which will make you more vulnerable.

So, what are the different types of walls in life that people will face and must conquer?

Two Types of Walls in Life

The wall of problems is the most common type of walls that people are facing today.

These are the hindrances that we face in achieving our goals and dreams. Usually, this type of wall will make us flex our skills and abilities.

Another type of wall that people must conquer is the wall of unbelief which usually follows when people are faced with a wall of problems.

Most of the time, people tend to be discouraged from their own skills and abilities to conquer their problems.

girl in the walls in life

These people lack self-confidence which will trigger depression in their lives making it harder for them to conquer the walls in life.

Most importantly, the wall of unbelief is a wall that is mainly caused by the person itself.

They don’t trust or believe in themselves that they can achieve greater things. That’s why they feel like they are useless and losers.

However, people shouldn’t think that. There’s still hope for us to break those walls.

First, you must trust your God-given gifts to break the wall of unbelief. Second, stay calm when facing the wall of the problem because panicking won’t solve anything.


Lastly, we must ask God for help in breaking those walls in life. Pray for strength and guidance with all the things that you must do for us to conquer it successfully.

Just like how the Israelites broke the wall of Jericho which is written in the Bible (Joshua 6:1-20). Don’t lose hope! If God is with you, there’s no wall that is too hard to conquer.


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