The Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology

The Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology

We all know that artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now becoming a reality today than it was before.

A few decades ago, people are just dreaming about it by displaying it on sci-fi movies. But now, the developers were already able to make one.

artificial intelligence

However, some of the AIs that we have today are not yet perfect. Some of it even produces hilarious results just like the InspiroBot. This is an artificial intelligence that hilariously creates inspirational posters.

Here are some of its words of wisdom is “before inspirations, comes the slaughter” and “if you want to get somewhere in life, you have to try to be dead.” Did you get inspired while reading those quotes?

On the other hand, there’s another artificial intelligence that writes a novel based on the Harry Potter series.

Certainly, this is still on development because one of the produce novels of this AI is “Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash”.

Fortunately, there’s an artificial intelligence that’s still in development which is quite better than the two AIs that we’ve mentioned.

artificial intelligence

This AI company that we’re talking about is the OpenAI which creates complete articles on any subject.

However, some people are scared that this could be used to create fake news which is quite dangerous for the press and society.


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