The Cybertruck Received 200,00 Orders Since its Reveal Says Elon Musk

The Cybertruck Received 200,00 Orders Since its Reveal Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk says that Tesla’s Cybertruck received 200,000 orders since the day of its reveal.

Elon Musk’s reimagined electric version of the pickup truck. The Cybertruck has captured such a tremendous amount of internet indeed. Pre-orders peaked even though the truck won’t hit the road until 2021. Musk tweeted on Sunday there are 200,000 orders of the futuristic vehicle so far. This was just three days after it was unveiled.

Cybertruck received 200,000 pre-orders
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The Cybertruck received 200,000 pre-orders despite mixed responses

Must also emphasize that people are going for the more expensive option of the truck. He said that 41% of the orders are the triple motor all-wheel drive that starts at $69,999. Meanwhile, the less expensive version the single motor rear-wheel-drive starts at $39,999.

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Pre-orders for the truck is only a $100, so it’s a lot cheaper today for someone to have an interest in the Cybertruck versus fully paying for one. And it will take years for the truck to be in people’s hands. The productions start in 2021, with the tri-motor AWD version starting production a year later.

During a Thursday evening demonstration, a man with a sledgehammer struck the vehicle without damaging it. But the supposedly unbreakable glass broke when hit by a metal ball.


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