The Color of the Banana You Eat Provides Different Health Benefits

The Color of the Banana You Eat Provides Different Health Benefits

People eat bananas because we are hopeful to gain several different health benefits. We eat them because we just truly enjoy the taste. While others are merely trying to keep their potassium levels high. This healthy snack also allows us to receive the required vitamins and other nutrients our body needs. However, the color of the banana you eat provides different health benefits.

Color of Banana and its Corresponding Health Benefits

The greenest of bananas are a vital part of our diet when we are struggling to keep our blood sugar in check. They are very low on the glycemic index, making them a perfect snack for those people that needs to check their body’s sugar levels.

the color of banana is green

The firm and yellow bananas are naturally not spotty. They are also very healthy for you to eat. They have a sweeter flavor than the green and young banana.

The body can digest them easily as well. When a banana is fully yellow, the antioxidants contained within can protect our bodies from several diseases.

the color of banana is yellow

This spotted yellow banana is also rich in antioxidants and a great choice for patients who are currently fighting off tumors. The brown spots are a positive indicator. This means that the banana will help to break down several cells in the body, especially abnormal cells that are known to cause cancer.

spotted yellow banana

The soft and brown banana may seem like they don’t have much to offer concerning health benefits. A banana of this color tends to be sugary than the other colors.

These bananas do come with their own special powers. They contain tryptophan which reduces stress and anxiety. They are also rich in various nutrients that promote muscle and bone health.

brown and spotted banana

Now that you know more about the different banana levels and what they can provide for you, be sure to pass this awesome story along.


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