The Apps On Your Phone Are Listening To Your Convos

The Apps On Your Phone Are Listening To Your Convos

Have you experienced browsing the Internet or using apps and you noticed ads based on the conversations you had?

The apps will show ads based on your convo

For example, you’re talking with your friends about this new product then suddenly the product is already in the ads.

Is it just a coincidence? No, it isn’t. The microphones we have on our phones aren’t just used for calling and chatting. But there is something more to it.

the apps on your phone are listening

“Smartphones are also tracking gadgets,” according to Michelle De Mooy, Acting Director of the Center for Democracy and Technology’s Privacy & Data Project.

“We may not think of it that way because we say that it is our personal devices. However, we never thought that these devices can spy us from the things we are talking about.”

the apps

The information they can get from us will then be sold to third party apps.

So, maybe you’re wondering, how did they access our microphones on our smartphones? The answer is when you download apps.

Do you remember when it’s your first time to open your newly downloaded app then a couple of things are popping up?


For example, the app is requesting access to the camera, location, microphones, etc. Do you still remember that time?

Most people won’t remember doing that because they are too excited to open the app or just lazy to read those requests.

working with smartphone

Basically, that’s how those apps listen to our conversations. We allow them to do that and we can’t complain about it because that’s the price for the free app – our information.


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