The App that Lets You ‘see’ for Blind People

The App that Lets You ‘see’ for Blind People

Knowing the condition of the blind, the app on smartphones and voice-activated technology has been a huge blessing for them.

It brings convenience for them to access information while their daily activities.

the apps on smartphone

Before smartphones, they got to carry multiple things like GPS devices, voice-activated note-takers, and bar scanners.

Today, a new app called ‘Be My Eyes’ is making life a lot easier for the visually-impaired people by connecting them to people with sight via Facetime.

It also provides an opportunity to give back for those sighted volunteers.

Hans Jorgen Wiberg, created Be My Eyes in 2015. People would often use Facetime to connect and ask friends and family members for help.

Because of that, Wilberg created Be My Eyes, so they do not need to be reliant on personal relationships.

The App Empowers the People

Visually impaired folks use the app for innumerable functionstogether with finding lost things in their homes, reading labels, counting money, and matching their clothes.

In four years, over 140,000 low-vision or blind users and over 2.5 million volunteers have engaged the app.


There are such a large amount of folks who’ve signed up to assist that generally it takes weeks for them to receive their 1st decision.

“When we launched, we didn’t know if people would be willing to volunteer time to help complete strangers,”

Alexander Hauerslev Jensen, the CCO of Be My Eyes, told The Guardian. “But within the first 24 hours, we had more than 10,000 volunteers.”

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“The fact that we have so many volunteers enables us to have a really fast response time. I see it as a good problem,” he continued.

“It takes a few minutes to make a big impact on someone else’s life. This is a combination of technology and human generosity.”

Folks who’ve got the app and signed up as volunteers are tweeting their experiences on Twitter.


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