The Animal Poacher Got What He Deserves

The Animal Poacher Got What He Deserves

The animal poacher often creates a lot of money from selling animal body components like rhinos, tigers, and even lions. But they take an enormous danger of murdering these beautiful animals.


These people are putting their lives at risk. They can be captured by the officials or assaulted by the very animals they are attempting to kill every time they go out and hunt illegally.

His supposed assignment of shooting and bagging a lion ironically ended in his own beating and demise

Last February 9, 2018, the police discovered in Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve, a wildlife reserve close Kruger National Park, the corpse of a presumed wild animal poacher.

the animal poacher killed by a lion

“Since he was assaulted and murdered by lions, it seems the victim poached in the game park,” said Limpopo police spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe.

“They ate his corpse, almost all of it, leaving his head and a few remains.”

There were loaded hunting rifle and other weapons close to the body, leading police to believe that he was there for illegal hunting, although they can’t tell for sure if he deliberately targeted lions.

group of lions

Lion bones and other bodily components are used in conventional medicine, especially in South East Asia, as per the Born Free Foundation’s wildlife charity.

From his corpse, authorities have not yet been able to define the person. I can’t honestly say, along with others, that I’m sorry for him. Obviously, his death saved the lives of many other animals.


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