The Amazon Rainforest Wildfires are Seen from Space

The Amazon Rainforest Wildfires are Seen from Space

The Amazon rainforest wildfires have been over the news in the past few days. In fact, these wildfires are seen in our space.

amazon rainforest wildfire

The space research center of Brazil (INPE) said there is an 83% increase of fires in the rainforest since it last happened in 2013. They have seen the vastness of fires in their space satellite.

Since last week, INPE’s satellite spotted 9,507 new forest fires in Brazil, especially in the Amazon basin.

inside the forest

Moreover, the rainforest is the world’s major tropical forest which is vital to stop or lessen the effects of global warming.

We all know that Amazon can slow down the climate change down because of its massive forestry which can help neutralize the carbon.

Aside from that, the forest is home to million species of animals, plants, and different indigenous people.

indigenous people

The space agency believed that the wildfires should not solely blame the dry season or the natural wonders alone.

“There is nothing unusual about the climate this year or the rainfall in the Amazon area, which is just a little below average,” said INPE researcher Alberto Setzer.

Most of the time, people blame the dry season for the wildfires in the Amazon rainforest but that’s not true always.

amazon rainforest

“The dry season produces the favorable circumstances for the use and propagates of fire, but starting a fire is always the work of humans, either intentionally or by accident,” Setzer said.

Therefore, there should be deliberate action for this one. We should stop this wildfire immediately before the rainforest will be damaged beyond repair.

tropical forest

This is for the future of our world and to the next generations to come. Let us share this story with our friends and family to raise awareness about this one.


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