The Amazon Rain Forest has been Burning for Months

The Amazon Rain Forest has been Burning for Months

The Amazon Rain Forest, widely considered as the last lung of planet Earth, is burning.

As a dense rain forest that spans more than 7 countries, it produces close to 20% of our planet’s oxygen supply. Unfortunately, it has been burning at an advanced rate for the better part of 2019.

Brazil has recorded a record rate of 73,000 cases of fires within the Amazon forest. And just last week, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro declared a State of Emergency on the Amazonas Region to acquire executive powers to counter the alarming growth of the fires.

Forest | via Pixabay

What Caused The Fires?

According to reports, the Amazon Rain Forest experiences its driest season from July to September of each year. Furthermore, additional data present that close to 99% of these fires were man-made. This humid season window gives opportunities to farmers to burn trees to allow their cattle and other animals to graze. Unfortunately, the Brazilian government failed to manage the regulation of the burn. This, in turn, led to the increased burning of woods and areas.

What Could Happen Then?

Life occurs with the delicate balance between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. As the Amazon Rain Forest produces close to 40% of the Earth’s oxygen, it likewise absorbs CO2 emissions. The imbalance that this may cause our environment may lead to further warming up of the planet. Hence, it may be very well related to climate change and global warming.

What Can You Do?

At this point, awareness is of primary concern. There are a lot of ways you can help put out the fire in the Amazon Rain Forest. Wherever you are, you can do something.

French President Emmanual Macron initiated a Twitter awareness drive with the hashtag #ActForTheAmazon. You can start with that. But don’t stop there. As a people, we need to rally our leaders to not give a blind eye to the environment.

So go ahead and get off your seat!


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