The Alaskan Rainforest Is In Danger After Trump’s Move

The Alaskan Rainforest Is In Danger After Trump’s Move

Another sad news for our planet, President Donald Trump has reportedly ordered to open the planet’s biggest unharmed pleasant Alaskan rainforest to logging and other development projects.

Trump's move in the Alaskan rainforest

Certainly, this order of Trump to the U.S. Department of Agriculture is another threat to the planet as the Amazon rainforest is still burning today.

Many environmentalists are getting worried that this move would have an effect in the future.

The Washington Post that this new policy of Trump would lift the 20-year-old logging restrictions which prevented the destruction of the 58.5 million acres of undeveloped national forest throughout the country.

Alaskan rainforest

More importantly, the new policy will affect more than half of the Alaskan Rainforest or the Tongass National Forest. It can also increase the possibility of logging and mining projects.

The logging restrictions are continually receiving an assault from the Republicans since it was implemented. But the federal courts have approved them to stand.

Environmentalists were outrageous Trump’s reported move and they begin to him with his Brazilian counterpart, President Jair Bolsonaro, who allowed deforestation in the Amazon.

“If only the planet could talk and complain,” wrote volcanologist Jess Phoenix, “Maybe it would be crying in misery or sobbing in hopelessness.”

no planet B

Let’s hope and pray that President Trump will change his order for the Alaskan rainforest. It’s so sad to see that humans are destroying the only planet that we have.


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