The 6-Year Old Boy is Already a Bookworm in His Young Age

The 6-Year Old Boy is Already a Bookworm in His Young Age

The 6-year-old Caleb Green is a young kid from Chicago, and he is already a bookworm in such a young age.

He really loves to read books despite the technologies we have today. We all know that most kids love to access the Internet to play and be entertained.

But Caleb is different from those kids. He always read his favorite book, Ninja Turtles, and he doesn’t use any smart devices like tablets and smartphones.

He enjoys exploring the books so much. In fact, 2 years ago, he decided to set a commendable goal which is to read 100 books in a day.

When his parents heard his plan, his dad, Sylus, is not sure if he can really do it. But he said that Caleb is determined to achieve it.

“I had the instinctive response to talk with him about it, but he said ‘No, I want to read 100 books'” Sylus said.

On December 9, 2017, Caleb’s family emptied their bookstands in preparation for the project of their son.

However, they don’t have enough books to achieve the goal. That’s why many of their friends came and donated some books to reach the goal of 100 books.

When everything is set, Caleb started reading and his parents streamed it on Facebook.

Thousands of people are watching him as he read each book. The 6-year-old boy didn’t disappoint his viewers, he really did read 100 books at the end of the day.

This bookworm does not only love his books, but he also wants other kids to learn how to read. Last year, Caleb and his family are promoting literacy by collecting 10,000 books to donate to the students of Chicago.

Get the latest updates of what he’s doing on his Facebook page.


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