Teenage Girl Fell into a Coma after Drinking MILK TEA Twice a Day

Teenage Girl Fell into a Coma after Drinking MILK TEA Twice a Day

Milk tea as one of the most loved beverages in the world
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Whether you prefer either with extra pearls or extra sweetness, everyone certainly loves the exotic taste of a milk tea.

However, a teenage girl who became addicted to milk tea has fallen into a bizarre, severe coma.

The 18-year-old girl from Shanghai, China fell into a diabetic coma after drinking bubble milk teas twice a day for a month. Family members found her unconscious inside their house. 

Report said family members observed that she experienced symptoms associated with hyperglycemia, a condition associated with dangerously high blood sugar levels.

A milk tea bought from a local market
Photo: South China Morning Post

Other symptoms she had were nausea, frequent urination and dehydration.

Her family members rushed to admit her to nearby Ruijin Hospital.

Attending doctors reported her blood sugar levels recorded at roughly 25 times higher than normal.

Later on, the teenager was then placed on a ventilator; she also received kidney dialysis before waking from a coma five days later.

Early this June, doctors cleared the teenage girl to discharge. Nevertheless, they reminded her to strictly observe her diet by lessening sugar intake.

A milk tea has a unique, sweet taste. It is a beverage with artificial flavoring. It contains phenols and polyphenols; these elements promote development of cardiovascular conditions and obesity.


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