Teachers To Be Replaced by New Technologies

Teachers To Be Replaced by New Technologies

Teachers do not only convey info and knowledge, but it is about becoming a part of a student’s life. Most teachers always look for what does a child need and what is the best way to ensure that it is met.

teachers will be replaced by technologies?

Therefore, these people are significant in our society because they are the only chance of a young person to get a good education on their lifetime.

However, there are many arguments today which proposed that technologies will be the new way of learning for students in the future.

Some educators don’t believe in it. They are saying that if the new models of learning are encouraging students to spend countless hours in front of faceless computer screens.

teacher presenting visual aids

Then they will be exposed to basically unregulated resource in the risky atmosphere.

That’s why the teachers do not believe that technologies can truly help the students to learn more. They are insisting that education is more complex than that.

It is about the belief and oath between a teacher and students (also parents) that produces the environment where learning can arise and nurture.

Will Virtual Learning Replace The Teachers?

Virtual learning or the new mode of teaching allows students to learn using new technologies such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. But the teachers believe that it cannot fully teach a student.

virtual learning

For them, actual or physical teaching keeps the students active and be more engaged with all the learnings from the teachers. In other words, the profession of teaching will never die, it will just evolve and grow.

The former students can attest to that as they claim that their teachers renewed the path of their lives and without them, they will not be in the spot they are today.

That’s what the teachers say about trust and relationship between the teacher and the student.

student listening carefully

Our educators don’t just impart ideas and skills. It is about something deeper because if that’s what teaching is all about, any technology can do that.

Good instructors inspire our young students to be learners, forming a culture of independent examination with their desire and passion. They also can bring out the best to their students.

There can be no new mode of learning that could threaten the heart of a teacher. They will always be part of society.


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