Tea Bags Send Billions of Microplastics to your Body

Tea Bags Send Billions of Microplastics to your Body

A new study has shown that tea bags release billions of microplastics into your brew and body.

According to a recent study published by researchers at McGill University in Canada, tea bags, when dipped into hot water, release billions of microplastics into the water. Hence, tea lovers, you might want to think of an alternative way to your brewing approach.

Apparently, the study revealed that a single tea bag releases close to 12 billion particles of microplastic into the cup. Additionally, 3 billion particles of nano plastic are added to this. These amounts are suggested to be thousands of times greater than the amount of plastic particles found in other food. However, the effects of consuming these plastics remain in check to this day. Therefore scientists have moved to call to further study this phenomenon. Then again, we can already look at our sea animals for proof of the danger this may cause.

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Tea Bags vary, but they’re all the same

Despite the differences in materials used to produce tea bags, almost all of it still yields microplastics into the brew. Hence, it doesn’t really matter as to which brand you should buy. However, you can opt to use more environmental bags that would have lesser amounts of microplastics and nano plastics.

According to reports, humans should only ingest 2000 microplastic particles at most. However, the revelation of the tea bag incident greatly exaggerates the number.

On average, humans consume 5 grams of plastic each week. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. That’s about the size of one credit card per week. The finding was released in a study by the WWF. In stating, you are encouraged to seek out other and better food products to keep your body safe from possibly harmful substances that you’re otherwise not familiar with.

At the end of the day, you know what would be best for your body.


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