Tea Bags Has More Germs Than A Toilet Bowl?

Tea Bags Has More Germs Than A Toilet Bowl?

When the winter weather goes full swing, there’s nothing more enjoyable than to grab some tea bags at home or office and drink a cup of tea. This beverage helps us to keep warm the cold and shivering body.

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However, there’s a new study that has ruined our favorite beverage. The study claims that drinking a cup of tea is like sticking your lips on the office toilet or maybe even worse.

According to the study conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene, office teabags contain 17 times more germs than a toilet seat. The study sought out to analyze the bacteria readings of utensils and appliances.

Tea Bags are Dirty?

The average toilet bowl seat contains 220 germs, whereas the number of germs found on an office tea bags was 3,785. The reason for these findings is because of what happens in the bathroom.

In a poll of 1,000 office workers, 80 percent are not washing their hands before making tea or coffee.

Another thing, forgetting your coffee cup at home will also put you at risk for bacterial contamination. If you use someone else’s cup in the office, you will be exposed to over 1,700 germs.


“If you stop to think about the number of different hands that touch things such as the kettle handle, tea bag box lid, mugs, and so on, the potential for cross-contamination really adds up,”

Dr. Peter Barrett of Initial Washroom Hygiene.

The study also found high germ levels in the kitchen essential including tea kettles (2,483) and refrigerator doors (1,592).

After reading this study, we are reminded to always bring an alcohol or hand sanitizers to make sure that we are safe from germs everywhere we go. Keep safe from germs everyone!


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