Taylor Swift to Perform Her Hits at the AMAs

Taylor Swift to Perform Her Hits at the AMAs

It seems that Taylor Swift can perform her hits, including those that were subject to public dispute last week. She will be performing at the upcoming American Music Awards.

Last week, Swift said her former label said. Big Machine Label Group denied her request to play some of her early hits at the award show. Honoring her with the artist of the decade. Later, the record denied her claim.

Taylor swift to perform
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Taylor Swift to perform her former hits

A statement released on Monday said that Big Machine Label Group and Dick Clark Productions, which produces American Music Awards. They clarified that,

recording artists do not need label approval for live performances on television or any other live media

Rather the statement said,

record label approval is only needed for contracted artists’ audio and visual recordings and in determining how those works are distributed

Shortly after the statement’s release, Dick Clark Productions claimed that the company did not,

agree to, create, authorize or distribute a statement in partnership with Big Machine Label Group regarding Taylor Swift’s performance at the 2019 American Music Awards

Any final agreement on this matter needs to be made directly with Taylor Swift’s management team. We have no further comment

The American Music Awards airs Sunday, November 24, at 8 pm ET on ABC. Where Taylor Swift will be performing her hits.


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