“Successors” of SUNDA Empire in Indonesia Arrested for Fraud

“Successors” of SUNDA Empire in Indonesia Arrested for Fraud

“Successors” of SUNDA Empire in Indonesia Arrested for Fraud
Photo: The Star Malaysia

Authorities in Indonesia arrested the self-proclaimed “successors” of the Sunda Empire. Reports say they will face fraud charges.

Saptono Erlangga, spokesperson of West Java Police, reported suspects will have to face charges articles 14 and 15 of the 1946 Misinformation Law.

The so-called prime minister Nasri Banks and royal highness Raden Ratna Ningrum will serve 10 years in prison. Meanwhile, the sect’s general secretary Rangga Sasana faces two years of imprisonment.

The spokesperson said they first consulted with various historians and witnesses regarding the legitimacy of the sect.

The group claimed that the Sunda Empire existed since 323 BC. The successors also said they control the United Nations.

Ari Mulia Subagja, head of the Sundanese Customary Assembly, filed a report against the sect. She fears the organization will cause major disorder.

The self-proclaimed royals said Sunda-Empire-Earth Empire started in Badung, West Java’s provincial capital. The group said it is the home city of the world’s diplomatic corps.

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In a nine-minute viral video, a man named “HRH Rangga” explained the existence of the empire in front of people wearing light blue berets.

HRH Rangga also encouraged all countries to register in the empire and unite to “settle debts at the World Bank by 2020.”

Last June 27, two women claiming to be “royal members” of the Sunda Empire were reportedly detained by Malaysia’s Immigration Department for the past 13 years.

“Successors” of SUNDA Empire in Indonesia Arrested for Fraud
Photo: South China Morning Post

The women refused to identify themselves as Indonesians, thus, deemed as stateless individuals.


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