Study Claims Children Inherit Intelligence From Their Moms

Study Claims Children Inherit Intelligence From Their Moms

To all mothers out there, this article is for all of you. We know that most of you claim that your children inherited their intelligence from you. Well, we guess you’re right! There’s a new study that proves your assumptions.

mother and son

According to the research from Psychology Spot, most intelligence of kids comes from the genes of their mother.

Moreover, the genes that determine the intelligence of a person is found in the X chromosome and women have two of them.

study claims that mother and baby are connected

Therefore, the study claims that the number of X chromosomes that mothers have will most likely be the main source of their kid’s intelligence genes.

On the other hand, there’s another reason why this study claims that kids inherited their intelligence from their mothers is because of their teachings. Most of the time, moms are the first teacher of our children.

mother teaching her daughter

Every time the moms are teaching their kids, their intelligence is being passed on to their children. That’s why kids are becoming smart because of all the teachings of their mothers.

However, fathers should not feel bad about this study because it only shows that 40% to 60% of the mother’s intelligence is hereditary. All the dads can still be happy about the percentage left for them.

study claims that dads can still impart intelligence to their kids

More importantly, the study added that there are environmental factors that can still play a critical role in the intelligence of our kids.

Therefore, dads can still impart their intelligence to their kids if they spend a lot of time with them.


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