Strongest Hurricanes and Storms in this Century

Strongest Hurricanes and Storms in this Century

In the past 100 years, our world suffered or experienced the strongest hurricanes. Many countries are devastated by those catastrophes.

These storms did not just cause catastrophes, but they also took millions of lives across the world.

Let us now look at the 10 strongest hurricanes in this century based on the records NASA.

Hurricane Mitch (1998)

Strongest Hurricanes Mitch

Hurricane Mitch occurs in Central America, particularly in the countries of Nicaragua and Honduras. It was able to kill more than 20,000 people.

That’s why this hurricane was considered as one of the deadliest, powerful, and destructive in history. It has a maximum sustained wind of 180 mph (290 km/h), and it caused $2 billion worth of damage.

“Great Miami” Hurricane (1926)

Strongest Hurricane in Miami

The 1926 Miami hurricane lasted for 10 days, and it has caused billions of dollars worth of property. This tropical cyclone was so huge and powerful, which devastated the great Miami area and the Bahamas.

Many people died in this catastrophe because of the flooding that occurs during the hurricane.

Strongest Hurricanes: Katrina (2005)

Strongest Hurricanes Katrina

Katrina becomes one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States. It killed almost 2000 people because of the severe flooding, and it also caused $80 billion worth of property damage.

Hurricane Ivan (2004)

Hurricane Ivan

Ivan struck the eastern part (Jamaica, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Mexico, and Alabama) of the United States on September 2004.

This hurricane lasted for 22 days that’s why it causes a lot of damages which amounted to $18 billion.

Hurricane Isabel (2003)

Hurricane Isabel causes severe flooding

This hurricane lasted for 15 days, and it has affected South Carolina, Maine, and Michigan. Isabel started as a tropical cyclone, but it ended up as a hurricane that has a wind of 165 mph.

This hurricane killed 16 people and caused a $5 billion worth of damages in the property.

Hurricane Hazel (2003)


This hurricane devastated the East Coast of the United States that caused massive flooding that even reached some parts of Canada. Hazel took 10 lives and caused $450 million of damages.

Ginger (1971)

Hurricane Ginger

This hurricane lasted for a month that’s why it was considered as second to the longest-lasting storms in history. Ginger causes $240 million worth of damages in the property.

Floyd (1999)

Hurricane Floyd

This hurricane lasted for 7 days and struck the East Coast of the United States. Floyd managed to cause the third largest evacuation in the country that’s why the total damage it causes is $6.9 billion.

Strongest Hurricanes: Charley (2004)

Strongest Hurricanes Charley

This hurricane was the second biggest after Katrina. It killed 20 people, and it affected Cuba, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Florida, South, and North Carolina. The total worth of damage was over $13 billion.

Hurricane Andrew (1992)

Strongest Hurricanes Andrew

This hurricane is small but very explosive and powerful. It lasted for 12 days, which causes the total damages amounting to $25 billion. Andrew was able to take 39 casualties during its period.


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