Stranger Things Actor Does Something Fabulous

Stranger Things Actor Does Something Fabulous

There are a lot of amazing on-screen characters who do the special effort for their fans, yet this “Stranger Things” actor really has done his best for them.

David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper on the Netflix series entitled “Stranger Things”, truly listens to fan demands, particularly on Twitter.

David Harbour

An example of this is when he told a high school student that he’d personally join her in photos on senior year if she earned enough retweets.

twitter request

So when the student achieves his condition, David Harbor fulfilled his word. Another example of Harbor’s love and dedication to his fans is when he officiated a marriage between a couple he never met.

Everything began back in October of 2018, when “Stranger Things” fan Ericka Millholland, chose to give a much difficult test to Harbor and that is to be the officiant at her wedding.

wedding request

Harbor acknowledged it once again. But this time he made the objective somewhat favor his side, like being able to take the first bite from their wedding cake

So, Harbor acknowledged his new job as a wedding officiant last September. Harbor should be prepared to pull out his moves for Millholland’s wedding reception.

Do you think, what could the next challenge be? Maybe you should try challenging him on Twitter.


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