Steve Irwin Would Be Proud To His Kids If He Sees Them Now

Steve Irwin Would Be Proud To His Kids If He Sees Them Now

Do you still remember Steve Irwin? It’s already been 13 years since the Australian animal keeper and environmentalist or also known as “The Crocodile Hunter“, passed away.

But let’s not continue to be sad about it because his legacy is still alive in his kids. In fact, his 21-year old daughter, Bindi, is an international award-winning wildlife conservationist.

While his younger son, Robert, who is just 16 years old have the same passion for the conservation of animals. Moreover, his son is also an amazing photographer.

Even though these children of Irwin grew up without seeing their dad all the time because of the nature of his work, they still inherited the same passion for animals and nature.

Likewise, Steve Irvin’s family are active in educating the people especially younger ones about animals and how they can help to conserve these animals.

Robert, his son, also travels the world, catching the nature he adores so much in his remarkable photos.

In fact, his photos have been featured in galleries in Australia and he was recognized as the junior runner-up in the 2016 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year.

The future is bright for Robert when it comes to his photography skills.

Let’s look at some of his stunning photos below:

To see more of his photos, you can follow him on Instagram or visit his website.

We’re pretty sure that Steve Irwin is proud of the achievements of his kids. He may be gone now, but his love and passion for nature live on with his lovely children.


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