Stefano Boeri the Architect who makes ‘VERTICAL FORESTS’

Stefano Boeri the Architect who makes ‘VERTICAL FORESTS’

Stefano Boeri is a well-known architect and loves trees.

Boeri said in a phone interview,

I think trees are individuals.

Each has its own evolution, its own biography, its own shape.

Stefano Boeri the architect who loves trees
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Stefano Boeri, the architect who loves trees

Boeri’s best-known building is the Il Bosco Verticale or the Vertical Forest built in his home city in Milan, Italy. The project’s two residential towers measure 80 meters (262 feet) and 112 meters (367 feet) respectively. And it has about 20,000 trees and plants.

the vertical forest
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Boeri wants to make buildings with a greener purpose. His proudest claim is that the buildings absorb 30 tons of carbon dioxide and produces 19 tons of oxygen each year. Now that’s a way to help the environment.

He said,

The ability to enlarge green surfaces inside and around our city is one of the most efficient ways to try to reverse climate change.

So, a vertical forest is one of the possible ways to … enlarge biological surfaces, in the horizontal and the vertical. (The solution is) not only gardens. Why not also the side of the building?

He explained,

The buildings really work as trees, from the roots up.

They have a trunk, and they distribute (water and energy) through the different branches.

Now we know a way to help the environment and Boeri sure is helping. Hoping that many more professionals like himself will also have a greener manifesto.


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