Spending Too Much Money? Amazon Got A Bracelet For You

Spending Too Much Money? Amazon Got A Bracelet For You

People have their own habits. We like to buy something that we love the most. However, sometimes we tend to spend too much money and we can’t control ourselves.

Fortunately, there’s this Pavlok bracelet that you can buy on Amazon for $200 that will shock you every time you overspent in time, food, and money.

You can set the bracelet to shock you if you eat unhealthy foods, devote too much time on the Internet and smartphones, sleep too long, or spending too much money.

The bracelet will release a 350-volt electric shock as a kind notice to your overspending. Moreover, they have an app where you can control the bracelet.

Amazon explains that this zapping bracelet will teach the brain to know what is bad for you and not.

Many people have tried it and they claim that it has assisted them to break their bad habits from smoking to spending too much money on shopping.

The inventor of this product is Maneesh Sethi and clarifies that a slight pain can help us learn our lessons from our bad habits.

Certainly, this isn’t as powerful as the taser, but this bracelet has enough voltage to shock you.

Image: Kevin Raposo | KnowTechie

Similarly, other people said that this product has replaced their alarm clock in the morning. A little shock will wake you up.

Its efficiency is described by aversive training which uses negative stimuli and memory to help reiterate a precise action as undesirable.


This is a MUST for anyone wanting to start an online business.

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