Someone Special Comes In Our Life In The Least Way We Expect It

Someone Special Comes In Our Life In The Least Way We Expect It

We all have or had someone special in our life that no one else can compare to. A someone we could tell everything to and always count on—a best friend if you will.

We could go from talking about the weirdest things, letting out the ugliest laughs, talking about serious issues and our hardest struggles. It’s not easy to find someone.

It’s as if the universe created their soul only compatible with ours and what are the odds that we meet in the same lifetime to spend together. Having that someone special is a rare find.

Someone that falls under many descriptions; our definition of comfort, our soulmate, our one and only that nobody else can get us as they do. And usually, they are the people who make us feel the most.

someone special

Giving color to our world, setting off fireworks in the pit of our stomachs, and letting us see life in a new light. Some of us are lucky enough to find that person and get to spend our days with them.

But some could only dream of what could have been. Maybe we weren’t brave enough to leap because the risk was too great.

We were afraid to try because a relationship like this was too special to lose, and maybe that’s okay.

Maybe our time has yet to come and what is meant to be will be. So now the question lingers, do we just settle for maybe’s?


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