Someone Created a Fake News Generator

Someone Created a Fake News Generator

Last February, Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and other developers announced they were developing a text-generating algorithm (GPT-2) or a fake news generator program.

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Moreover, this program is mind-blowing as it generates convincing passages or articles which are not that accurate.

The creators even said that their program is dangerous because it might be used to create a lot of fake news than we already have today.

However, the developers keep on developing the program to be better than their previous versions. That’s why their newest version of it was six times powerful than before.

This fake news generator program is an artificial intelligence according to the creators. They just used the free cloud computing of Google and used the text gathered from millions of websites linked on Reddit.

That’s why they even said that any high-schooler with some coding knowledge could do the same program.

The purpose of these algorithms is to have complete articles with any subjects from a hand-written article.

fake news generator

However, this isn’t perfect yet because it’s still a machine-learning program that depends on its output from statistical patterns of language.

Unfortunately, this fake news program can quickly spread false information to the people. We will now have a hard time to determine which articles are true and not.


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