Some Vandals in Bulgaria on the Soviet monuments are hilarious

Some Vandals in Bulgaria on the Soviet monuments are hilarious

Some vandals in Bulgaria are hilarious and people can’t stop vandalizing soviet monuments.

Vandals in Bulgaria

If you were born on the Eastern side of Europe, you know there are many Soviet monuments to come across. In other words, that’s how they value their history.

For instance, there is a famous monument for soldiers who looks like moving forward ready for a head to head battle with an enemy, you’ve seen them all.

While for others, it can imply positive sentiments or even memories of the glorious Soviet army. In addition, for the young ones, this can somehow refer to the good ole Soviet brain-washing.

The monument was unveiled in 1954. Build in a place called Sofia, the Capital of Bulgaria for the Soviet army. The monument has sure seen better days being a victim of vandalism.

2011, a mix of American icons

Vandals in Bulgaria
via Ignat Ignev

This was painted by a group of anonymous painters who call themselves Destructive Creation. For instance, the monument turns into friendly characters, such as Superman, Joker, Ronald Mcdonald, and Captain America.

In 2012, the soldiers of the monument have balaclavas in support of Pussy Riot

via Nikolay Tsekov

In addition, three were arrested from the members of the Russian feminist punk rock band Pussy Riot and after that, they were convicted by the Russian court and were sentenced to two years in prison.

Above all, let’s just hope that this does not escalate into a more serious matter. Furthermore, may they respect the real essence of the monument.


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