Solar, Wind, and Hydropower Could Soon Surpass Coal

Solar, Wind, and Hydropower Could Soon Surpass Coal

Solar, wind, and hydropower renewable energies could soon surpass coal on America’s power grid.

Solar and wind energy are growing so fast that for the first time ever. The United States will likely get more power in 2021 from renewable energy than from coal. This was according to projections from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

Solar energy
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For decades, coal was the cornerstone of the power industry not just in the United States but in many countries. But the concerns from the environment, aging plants and competition led to a decrease in the use of coal in the US.

Coal provided about half of the United State’s power generation between 2000 and 2010. However, the use of coal started to fall late in the last decade because of the availability of cheap natural gas. Natural gas surpassed coal in 2016. This was according to the US energy information administration.

Moreover, Dennis Wamsted, editor and analyst at IEEFA, is predicting that 2021 will be the “crossover year” in the United States, where coal is supplanted by renewables.

Wamsted said in a report,

Coal and renewables are rapidly heading in opposite directions.

If the crossover doesn’t occur in 2021, it will without a doubt do so by 2022.

Critics of renewable energy correctly note that the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow.

Let’s just hope that this will continue on and that it might help with the Climate Crisis that the planet is experiencing.


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