Sneak Peek of the New Samsung Galaxy S11

Sneak Peek of the New Samsung Galaxy S11

Recently, we have looked at the new features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. We all saw how stunning it is. Today, we’ll be having a sneak peek of the new Samsung Galaxy S11 and its astonishing features.

new features of Samsung Galaxy 10 plus 5G

According to the popular Samsung insider Ice Universe, the latest Galaxy S phone is still in the research and development stage.

However, we have some ideas on what we can expect from the new phone which is depicted as “a new beginning” for the company. 

Sneak Peek Features of Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S11
Samsung’s Galaxy S11 looks set to be a substantial upgrade on the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Plus – concept render

Let’s now look at the speculated features of the new Samsung Galaxy S11 and see if it’s worth to wait for it to be released.

Improved Camera

The Camera of Samsung Galaxy S11 is still in development to make it better than its previous models.

Everyone knows that Samsung is getting behind with Apple, Google Pixel, and Huawei when it comes to the high-quality camera.

improved camera of samsung galaxy s11

Samsung has been using the same 12MP sensor which they first introduced with Galaxy S7 in 2016.

That’s why we can expect an improved camera from the company because they said that this new phone will be the start of a new beginning.

Stylish Design

We’ve seen in our previous article that Galaxy Note 10 Plus has already stylish design.

stylish design

But we believed that the Galaxy S11 will even push it further by shrinking the front camera. That’s why we should expect greater designs from this new phone.

Next-Gen High Performance

There have been rumors going on the internet regarding the potential of the Galaxy S11 to steal the crown of Apple when it comes to performance.

next-gen performance of Samsung galaxy s11

Samsung has confirmed that its new phone will have a new memory that will set this apart from the new Galaxy Note phones.

Quicker Charging of Battery

The battery capacity of the new Samsung Galaxy S11 will have no significant changes, but we learned that the company is cooking something innovative.

charging time

They are working on revolutionary graphene batteries which will allow the users to fully charge this new phone in just 30 minutes. The target for the release of this phone is 2020.

If Samsung can finish their work on time, this would be a game-changer to all the phones in the market.

Conclusion For The New Samsung Galaxy S11

Certainly, Samsung is making a big step to their new phone in 2020. They must deliver what they promise for their customers to keep on patronizing their products and services.

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We will keep you updated always about the news regarding this new phone from Samsung and its other products. Make sure to follow us on Facebook so that you will see our posts every day in your news feed.


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