Smart Monkey Who Sharpens a Rock To Smash The Glass

Smart Monkey Who Sharpens a Rock To Smash The Glass

According to Charles Darwin theory of evolution, humans are originally a monkey. We just evolved in being a human. Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence for it.

monkey to human evolution

But we might have found something to prove it or make you laugh. There’s a video that has gone viral on the internet because of a monkey in a zoo in China who seems to be smart as a human.

This ape was able to sharpen a rock and he began smashing the glass enclosure.

The video has 17 million views on the different social media platforms. The incident happens at the Zhengzhou Zoo in Central China’s Henan Province last August 20.

Moreover, the tourists are astonished by what’s happening with the monkey. It seems like he’s desperately trying to escape by continuously smashing the glass enclosure.

smashing the glass with rock
Screenshot in YouTube video

When the glass began to crack, it activates the alarm system and the ape was frightened.

Zhengzhou Zoo staff member Tian Shuliao informed the reporters that this is a smart monkey because he is using tools to break the walnuts they are giving. Unlike other monkeys who just bite it with their teeth

smart monkey smashes glass with sharpened rock
Screenshot in YouTube video

The staff also added that the ape never hit the glass before. They also removed all the rocks and tools in the enclosure because of the incident.

More importantly, the zoo will put more patrols to look out for more escape attempts.

This is indeed a smart monkey and he knows how to use tools just like a human.


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