Shorts Shaming in Church Went Viral

Shorts Shaming in Church Went Viral

The church is a house of worship, not a house of fashion. It is for you to grow spiritually along with other people without getting ashamed of your fashion statement.


However, that wasn’t the case for this woman named Jenna, who was recently experienced shorts shaming in church.

A woman followed Jenna into the bathroom and continued to call her “too fat” with what she is wearing.

She posted the video of the incident on Twitter. “This woman followed me into the bathroom and attacked me calling me fat and that I couldn’t wear jean shorts because I was too fat,” wrote Jenna.

Jenna said she took a video of the incident to be able to show it to her Pastor.

Jenna states that she was reluctant to go back to her church because of the scolding she received. “I’m honestly shocked and upset that this happened at church,”

Jenna wrote in a follow-up post on Twitter. “I should feel accepted and loved and now I don’t want to go back to that church.”

shorts shaming

Jenna also posted a photo of the outfit she was wearing, which I believe does not have any problem.

“I just want to say that I know I am not perfect!!! But I would never attack someone and tear someone down like what she did to me….,” She tweeted.

Shorts Shaming Incident

Jenna posted on Twitter the letter that the Pastor sent to the church regarding the shorts shaming incident.

“We are shocked and saddened by this act. The Church is supposed to be a place of safety, love, and acceptance,” the letter says. “We are currently working to assure that nothing like this will happen again.”

The woman has been appropriately disciplined for her inappropriate behavior. The woman had been a leader in the church until the incident happened.

“My pastor said that she will never be able to be on any sort of committee/any leadership role in our church ever again,” Jenna said.

Many people came to Jenna’s defense on Twitter, including Jameela Jamil.

God did not say anything about who should wear what, especially on who should and shouldn’t wear denim shorts.


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