Shaun Livingston Announces Retirement from NBA

Shaun Livingston Announces Retirement from NBA

Three-time NBA Champion Shaun Livingston has announced his retirement from the league after getting cut out of the roster. The 15 year NBA veteran leaves the game at a young age of 34 years old.

Throughout Livingston’s career, the quick point guard faced a lot of gruesome injuries around his lower body. His most gruesome injury came in 2007 when he broke his entire knee. Apparently, the incident went viral as videos showed how his knee got broken. Evidently, Livingston sat out a number of months to mend this injury. Fortunately, he was able to bounce back from it all and went on to win three championships with the Golden State Warriors.

Warriors at Wizards 2/3/16 via Flickr

Story of Shaun Livingston is particularly special.

Most NBA fans would know how Shaun Livingston bounced back from his injuries. With his knee injury in 2007, he would have ended his career against his own terms. However, his resolve to continue led him to undergo a strict rehabilitation and therapy practices.

In a statement by Warriors General Manager Bob Myers, he praised Livingston and his story by mentioning that his “story is one of the most inspirational in the history of professional sports,”. Furthermore, he mentioned that “What he accomplished after suffering so many trials and tribulations early in his career is a true testament to who he is as a person, which has always been characterized by tremendous class, grace, and professionalism.”.

Despite the praises, however, the Warriors, unfortunately, waived Livingston from the roster to cut salary costs last July. Evidently, the Warriors have one of the largest overheads among NBA teams. However, according to reports, Livingston could be working with the Golden State Warriors’ front office soon.

Livingston played more than 800 games throughout his 15-year career. Additionally, he holds career averages of 6 points and 3 assists per game. However, what his statistics do not show are his efforts towards getting the wins and victories.


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